Caronia Body: Hand Sanitizers

Hello Loves!!

I’m happy to share with you again another product that you must try and these are non-other than Caronia Body Hand Sanitizers, Yes! You heard me right! They are not just about nail polishes but they also have another product line that I’m sure you will also love. I am so lucky because they gave me opportunity to try four different scents of their sanitizers because they sent me a PR package last December 2018. I was so happy and same with you, I also don’t know that they have a different product so I was so overwhelmed and excited to try it.


I received their products inside a really cute eco-bag and I felt so important because it was really personalized. I got four scents: Watermelon, Eucalyptus, Green Tea and Lavender. They really smell good and it just not kill 99.9 germs but it also moisturizes skin. I personally love the watermelon scent because of its fruity scent.


I super love the packaging because it is so handy & convenient to bring anywhere. I personally bring mine wherever I go because it still fits even, I just use a small pouch.

I highly recommend this hand sanitizer of Caronia Body not just because of the lovely scents but also because it will always make you germ free to keep you away from viruses that can cause flu or other illness and also additional to it is the moisturizing effect on skin. I want to take this opportunity to thank Caronia Body for sending me these awesome products that I use every day. I super love it and definitely will purchase soon to restock.

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Getrollinph: Stress Bomb and Zing

Hello Loves!

I will be sharing you about these 2 products that I got from Getrollin Ph, the Zing and the Stress Bomb. The products arrived so timely because since I just go back to work after 2 months rest, I have been very busy lately trying to manage my time as a blogger and a Customer Service Representative. I am sometimes getting out of focus at the office, sleepy and there are times I feel stressed out because I don’t know how can I manage my time to write since I have work from Monday to Friday and these products helped me out so much. I already follow Getrollinph on Instagram before and stalking them because I really want to try their products since I am currently obsessed with essential oils.  One day, I am very lucky and happy that Ms. Bea owner of Getrollin Ph contacted me and advised that she will be sending some products for a collaboration and I really appreciate her kindness and being so nice. I asked her some questions that will help us to know more about Getrollinph and here it is with her answers:


1.When did Getrollinph started?

-June 12, 2018

2. Why did you choose essential oil business compare to other line of business?

– I chose to go into the essential oil business because oils have been used for centuries to alleviate, improve, and enhance symptoms of discomfort in a very non-invasive way. I personally try to avoid medication for myself and for my family, so oils are a great and surefire alternative. (I also love essential oils because my mom used to use it when I was young so that our body will not be drug dependent every time we don’t feel well. 😊)

3. Are you planning to expand it? Are you planning to have additional products aside from essential oils?

– Expanding is definitely in the picture, but right now, the therapeutic oils are so much in demand that I’d like to give as much time to it especially when I see the needs of my clientele for these blends to address as much discomfort as possible. I do have other products lined up in the future though that will still have essential oils in them. My Lash Hurrah is one example of a non-roller product. it’s base is castor oil and other nourishing oils and I add essential oils in it too that i know are good for the hair as well. (Lash Hurrah will be next on my list to try on… 😊)

4. What is your inspiration when you started this business?

– First and foremost, my inspiration is, and always will be, my family. I am always looking for natural organic products and a holistic approach to health and well-being. it’s so satisfying to see my son respond positively to the different oils and knowing there are other ways to improve health instead of having to give him medicine. I myself feel so much better with these oils and that’s what I wish for everyone else as well. (Family will always be 1st to everyone and I really love your will for this business because you also think for everyone’s benefits not just to earn. I can really say this a business with a purpose. 😊)

5. Are you open for resellers? Or distributors?

 – I am open to lots of possibilities it all depends on timing, the trends of the present day, and of course, the feasibility of anything presented to me will be an important factor too. (I super duper agree. 😊)

6.Any advice for those aspiring entrepreneurs who also want to put up a business.

– My advice to anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and start his/her own business is, first, you must wholeheartedly believe in your product, you will be your own walking advertisement and therefore, you must love the product you are sharing. Second, you need to invest time and effort to promote and put your product out there. Quality is important. no short cuts, no scrimping, only the best for your clients. Lastly, your business must spark joy in you. you should think it’s fun rather than work. always, always love what you do! (I agree on this! because like me, my passion is to write and to share and inspire people, since I love what I’m doing this it gives me a happy heart.)

I really appreciate that Ms. Bea shared these to us and I learned a lot, and now let us talk about the 2 products that she sent to me, so if you want to know more about it please keep on reading. 😊

Zing is a pick me-up when you need a boost of energy and may help with focus/memory. I really love this personally and I always have it with me at the office. Zing really relaxes me and it really helps me to focus at work because of its relaxing scent.

Stress Bomb is a grounding blend that may assist in relaxing frayed nerves and this essential oil is also good for kids. I also love this because I am sometimes stress due to work and also sometimes, I’m getting stressed to manage my busy schedule and with the help of this Stress Bomb essential oil, I feel more relaxed and I can sleep well at night. I also love the scent which is so relaxing and calming.

They are made of 100% pure essential therapeutic oils in a roller cute bottle. We should shake well first the oils before using and also, we need to always do a patch test first for any allergic reactions. The Zing can be applied on the temples, behind the ears and base of the skull while the Stress Bomb can be applied on the wrists, behind the ears, back of the neck and on the temples too. They are really handy that’s why I always bring it wherever I go.

I really love these essential oils and I can say it is really worth it to try. The Zing and Stress Bomb are really a must have on your pouches. I like the packaging because the 3ml I got are so handy and cute (they also have 5ml). I also love the scents of the essential oils because they are really relaxing, calming and gives relief especially at night (stress bomb). Lastly, I really love the owner’s intention when she started her business, Ms. Bea is really an entrepreneur who has a heart towards the benefits of her clients.

If you want to check about other Getrollinph products visit and follow them on their Instagram account (@getrollinph) and Facebook page (Get rollin’).

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Disclaimer: I just want to share my honest review of this product. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep on mind that it might work okay or not for me but might work or not for you. I hope you find this review helpful since my reviews are 100% pure honesty.

How about you love? Have you tried essential oils already? What are your thoughts? Any recommendations or anything you like to share? Please don’t hesitate to comment down below and share this to your friends if you found it helpful. 😊

So that’s it!! Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading! 😊



Colourette: Velvetints Review

Hello Loves!!

I will be sharing with you my thoughts about the newest collection of Colourette Cosmetics, the Velvetints.

The Colourette Cosmetics celebrated their 3rd year anniversary and in connection to this, they released their newest collection that can be use in 3 different ways. The Velvetints can be used for eyes, cheeks and lips which is so great. Isn’t it amazing? One product for three ways already is really going to be a lifesaver and a must have on our kikay kit, right? 😊

I got the package that includes the tints and a cute sticker decal in a box. I was so happy when I received it and was so excited to try it, so if you want to know more about the newest Colourette product please keep on reading. 😊




Packaging: comes in a glass tube with black cover. It has a flat doe foot applicator with shade name at the bottom and name Colourette.



  • Pigmented
  • Dries from velvet to powdery matte finish
  • Works in 3 ways: cheeks, eyes and lips
  • Stays all day while remaining comfy on lips



  • RSVP – a muted, everyday red that can take every Filipina from day to night.
  • Birthday Cake – a rich brown that any skin tone can rock.
  • Rose – a warm pink designed to complement all Filipina skin tones.


PRICE: P299.00 each

I tried to use the liptints for almost 12 hours, 9 hours at the office and additional 3 hours outside the office. I didn’t retouch my liptints entire day to test if it is really long lasting and of course I ate to make sure to test the product. The scent of the tints is a little fruity because I can smell cherry but not that much. I tried it and it was rally blendable, easy to apply on cheeks, lips and eyelids, pigmented and very comfy on lips when applied. I also noticed that it’s true “little goes a long way” because one dip on the tint is  enough on lips and at least 1-2 dots for cheeks or eyelids goes a long way.



Packaging: The packaging for me is simple but still okay since the Colourette is known for simple packaging which is clear glass tube and black cover.

Price: The price for me is little pricey for a 3 ml product since there are other tints which is cheaper that offers the same claims but for me it is still fine since it’s a 3-way product and a little goes a long way. I highly suggest if you want to try it, purchase at least 1 shade first that you really like and if you love the formula save money to purchase the other shades. (just a piece of advice 😊)

Shades: The shades for me are super bomb! I like all the shades and my favorite is the Birthday Cake since I love nudes. It complements my fair skin complexion and I think it will also complement other skin tones.

Formula: I like the tints because as what the product claims it is really blendable, pigmented, long lasting and very powdery matte finish when applied. I just noticed that it is not transfer proof but still okay for me because even it transfers, the tints remaining on the lips still looks good. I also noticed that yes, it is really long lasting but when I tried it for 12 hours without retouch it makes my lips dry. I still use it but what I’m doing now is I remove it after 3-4 hours and retouch it. I observed that in that way it’s better for me so that my lips will not dry.

Final Verdict, I think the Velvetints are still a “must try and must have” product on your kikay kit because what I really like about it are the shades, they are pigmented, little goes a long way and we can already use it in 3-ways. However, for me personally it is really pricey for a 3ml product and also because I am retouching it every 3-4 hours since it is really drying my lips if I’m wearing it too long so it’s a waste of product, time and money. Am I going to buy it again? Sorry Colourette but just maybe because I think my lips is not good with it but might purchase it again for the cheeks and eyelids only and because of the nice shades.


If you want to check about Colourette’s Velvetints and other products, check their Instagram, Facebook and website. Here are the links:




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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post and I just want to share my honest review of this product. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep on mind that it might work okay or not for me but might work or not for you. I hope you find this review helpful since my reviews are 100% pure honesty.

How about you love? Have you tried these lip tints already? What are your thoughts? Any recommendations or anything you like to share? Please don’t hesitate to comment down below and share this to your friends if you found it helpful. 😊

So that’s it!! Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading! 😊



Ellana Mineral Cosmetics: Lip in Luxe Liquid Matte Lipstick

Hello Loves!

Today I want to share with you my thoughts about Ellana Cosmetics Lip in Luxe Liquid Lipstick since it’s so obvious on the title… hahaha just kidding.  I went to Landmark in Trinoma last time since I need to buy a gift and luckily there is an ongoing sale for make-up products. The Ellana Cosmetics gave a 50% off for their Lip in Luxe Liquid Matte Lipstick so I bought 1 shade which is the “Love is Amazing”.

Specifics: 7 ml.

Packaging: The box is color white, it looks simple but elegant. The ingredients, instruction, manufacturing date, expiration and a #mantraoftheday can be seen on the box which is so cute.

The lip in luxe comes in a clear like glass or acrylic tube with a black cover (old version). It has only the name “Ellana Mineral Cosmetics” on it and it has a doe foot applicator to easily apply the lipstick.



  • Color that last all day
  • Made with vegan ingredients
  • Talc free
  • Cruelty free
  • Creamy matte
  • Smudge proof
  • Water proof

SHADES: They have lots of shades but what I got is “Love is Amazing”. The Lipstick names are love-inspired which is very unique but quiet long to remember.


PRICE: P499.00 but I got mine for about P245.00 because they are on sale last time.

I tried to use the lipstick for the entire day, when I apply it on my lips it is so creamy and it’s so easy to glide on the lips. The lipstick is weightless and you feel you don’t have any lipstick on. I have worn it for 8 hours without retouch and of course I eat to test it. The lipstick has no scent which is okay for me even I’m used to lipsticks with sweet scents. The product claims to have a creamy matte finish which is true.

The lipstick is smudge proof but for transfer proof there’s still a little lipstick stain that I noticed on my glass and straw on my 1st use but when I use it again, I blend it well and wait to settle which works better.


The Ellana Lipstick is still a “must have” lipstick for me. The lipstick is really long lasting and I really test it without retouching for 8 hours and it still really looks good on my lips. I can say that it is really a creamy mate finish because even it is a matte lipstick it didn’t make my lips dry which is good. The water proof and smudge proof are fine but for me it’s still not totally smudge proof & water proof, because there are still little tints left on my glass and the lipstick inside part of my lips are remove while I am wearing it, but that is not problem because it’s just too minimal and it’s not noticeable. I just find it a little pricey for a matte lipstick because there are other brands with same claim that is cheaper in the market so for me if this is on sale you better grab that opportunity If you want to try the Ellana Lipsticks.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post and I just want to share my honest review of this products. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep on mind that it might work okay or not for me but might work or not for you. I hope you find these reviews helpful since my reviews are 100% pure honesty.

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So that’s it! Thank you so much for having time to read my review about Ellana Lip in Luxe Liquid Matte Lipstick. Let’s spread love!!!



#WishCardwithBeeHappy: A day full of Arts and Crafts

Hello Loves!!!

I will be sharing with you our great experience when we visited Bee Happy last 13th of October 2018. The Bee Happy Craft and DIY Supplies is a one stop shop for arts and crafts owned by a sole proprietor, Ms. Ruby. We had a chance to visit their store and met her because Bee Happy is one of the merchant partners of Wish 107.5 App and we are lucky that we are assigned to visit them. I went there with my #beautifulwishers friends Maka and Sab and I can say we really had fun.


When I entered the shop my eyes really sparkled because there are lots of art materials that we can buy. I can say that my artsy heart is so amazed seeing all of it. I really love doing crafts and DIY stuff that’s why when I saw all of it, I was really amazed because it’s like a Crafts Haven. I will be sharing with you the top 5 reasons why you should choose Bee Happy Shop, so if you are an artsy person like me, please keep on reading!


  1. There are lots of art and craft products to choose from

The Bee Happy Store has a huge variety of products to offer. They have stamps, Acrylic for stamps, Washi Tapes, Planners, stickers, Glue, wax seals etc. NAME IT GUYS! Hahaha! They’re a complete shop of anything you need for craft projects. I personally love their store because they have the Sticker Book that I’ve been looking for a long time now for my planner. The Sticker Book is already complete and for the price of P995.00, it is really worth it. They also have different sticker book theme so I am really looking forward in ordering it.   hahahaha

  1. Prices are acceptable

The prices of their products are really acceptable because all of it has a good quality and really worth it for the price. The prices are reasonable for the product that they are selling. The price varies depending on the brand, materials used and the product itself.

  1. It is really convenient

They have physical and online shop so no excuses not to make some crafts guys. Ahahaha They have a physical store in Caloocan City and they accept walk-ins every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00AM – 6:00PM, but they are also open from Monday to Saturday same time if you just want to pick-up your orders. They also have their Facebook, Instagram and Website that you can check and place your orders if you cannot visit their physical store. That’s why, they’re really convenient and there’s no hassle in purchasing their art materials. I will be putting all the links below for your reference.

  1. We can do arts and crafts on their store

Yes!!!  When we visited the shop, Ms. Ruby advised us that we can make artworks on their shop and we can take home as well our finished art and craft projects. The shop has a table with materials on top that we can use for free. Me and my girls really had fun doing arts and they will be sharing also their experiences and what we did last time so watch out for their blog post, I will be also putting their links down below for you to check them out

  1. They provide Happiness

I love arts and crafts so when I visited their shop I was very happy that I found a store that provides good quality, lots of choices and cute craft materials. The name “Bee Happy” is really a nice name for the shop because when you go out, it will really bring smile on your face and for sure you will always go back to their store.

I will take this opportunity to thank Wish 107.5 And Wish 107.5 App family because they’re the reason why we visited Bee Happy and yes, we really had fun. Thank you also to Ms. Ruby and Bee Happy Crafts for accommodating us and thank you for the gifts that you have given to us, our happy hearts are very overwhelmed.


I posted on IGTV a mini unboxing video of what we have received from Bee Happy so if you want to know more about it please visit and follow me on my Instagram and Facebook Page. I always love to get in touch with you all so you can also send me some messages. Let’s spread love!



So that’s it! Thank you for reading till end and I really appreciate it guys. May I know your thoughts about this? Are you also an Artsy Crafty person? What art materials are you eyeing too? I would really love to hear from you guys so please leave any comments or suggestions down below. I would love to read it all.

Thank you so much!

Promo Code: RM0VZ04

Bee Happy Craft & DIY Supplies




Wish 107.5



Wish Card



Sab Andres




Marilou Francisco






“My top 5 Favorites for September 2018”

Hello my loves! 😊

September month just passed by but there are products I used that really touches my heart and of course I wanted to share it with you. My top 5 Favorites for September 2018 are mixed of skincare and beauty products and if you really know me well you know that I am a skincare and make-up addict. Hahahaha

I will be starting from my top 5 to top 1 of my favorites so if you want to know more please keep on reading.

Let the drum roll begins! 😊

Top 5


I swear I really love this blotting paper that I learned from mama Anne Clutz. I have been using this entire September and yes it really amazes me super much. I always bring this everywhere I go and because of it I am not anymore bringing face powder, if I am just going to mall or just a short errand that I need to finish outside. This blotting paper has already a powder finish after you use it which is so awesome. The packaging is so handy that’s why it is really one of my go to product and it really fits to small pouches. I bought mine at Watsons (my favorite shop) and it has 70 sheets per pack that cost for only P115.00.


The blotting sheet really works for me and I love it because every time I use it, the make-up is not transferred to the sheet and it just purely removes the excess oil. The powder finished is also the one I like the most about this product.

Before and After Blotting:

Top 4

LUNA ORGANICS (Summer Clay Blush and Banana Powder)

I am hooked with these products that I bought at the last Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 event at SMX Convention Center. I am trying my best also to support local products because they are also really good and can be able to get along with international brands.

I have a mini review about these products on my Instagram account, you can check it out as well so here is the link:


These products are my holy grail if I am in a hurry. The Luna Organics is a local brand and I love them since they are organic, affordable and most important is they are CRUELTY FREE product. The summer Shade Clay Blush is one of my new favorites because of its peachy shade that suits all skin complexion. They also have the autumn shade but right now the peachy shade is on trend😊 The Clay Blush is so pigmented and can be use on lids, cheeks and lips. I also love it since it’s so easy to blend and it’s super handy. The banana powder is so awesome product as well of Luna Organics because there are times I’m not using foundation and I only use the powder and it last all day making me fresh and oil free. I don’t need to retouch anymore and I only use blotting paper to remove excess oils on my face. The powder can also be used to bake for extra matte looking make-up. The Clay Blush is P220.00 and the Banana Powder is P180.00 just make sure loves to buy just the original Luna Organic products because there are lots of imitations around the market. They have Facebook, Instagram and resellers as well, I will place all the links down below for your reference.


Top 3


I am a lippies junkie and yes, my top 3 is The Dream Cream Tints. I am so excited about the launch of these products and luckily, I am part of their Dream Party last August 31, 2018. I have shared a blog post about the party so if you haven’t read it yet here is the link:

I super love Skinpotions because of the awesome products and awesome people behind it. I have already a blog post review of Skinpotions Dream Cream so to find out more about these why I love it, here is the link:


Top 2


I am super happy with this cleansing balm. I tried to use other brands of cleansing balms but this Heimish product really works for me. I super like the cute packaging and of course the product itself. I use this at night to remove make-ups and to clean my face. The cleaning factor of this cleansing balm is superb that’s why I am so obsessed with this product and it is really great because little product goes a long way!


I bought this at Althea Korea and it cost P840.00 for a P120 ml. I know your reaction about the price… hahaha but promise this is really worth it.


Do you want me to have a full review about this cleansing balm? Just comment down below. 😊

Top 1


I am really obsessed and in love with this Tomato Serum from Skinpotions. Super as in!!! I don’t know if there is really a spell on each of their product that really made me so hooked on them. Hahaha Just kidding, but on serious note this product really works on me so well. I love the consistency, scent and of course its formula. I really feel that my skin is glowing and healthier when I started to use this. I also noticed that I had less breakouts compare before.


I always bought mine at Skinpotions SM Fairview kiosk but sometimes I attend the Trendsetter Bazaar because of the awesome sale and buy 1 take 1 promo. The SP family is really generous! I swear. 😊 The Tomato Serum is P295.00 each and it is 30ml per bottle.

Do you want me to have a full review about this tomato serum? Just comment down below. 😊

So that’s it!!!

These are my TOP 5 FAVORITES for the month of September 2018 and as I promised earlier here are the links for your reference:




Luna Organics:



Althea Korea:








I hope you enjoy reading and may I know if you have any products on the list that you also use? What products do you want to try on the list? Is there any product on the list that works with you as well? 😊 I will be happier to know that so please put a comment down below and follow me on my social media accounts. Check me on my IG and Facebook page because I will be having a GIVE AWAY and you might be the lucky winner so please stay tune. 😊



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post and I just want to share my honest thoughts about these products. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep on mind that it might work okay for me but might work or not for you. I hope you find these blog post helpful since my reviews are 100% pure honesty.

So that’s it!! Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading! 😊



Wish107.5 App & WishCard: Token of Love to Wishers

Wish 107.5 was known for introducing unique concepts in the broadcasting industry. They have launched Wish Bus as the 1st and only FM Radio on wheels and they also had the online singing competition which is the Wishcovery.

They are now really getting bigger and bigger that’s why it’s Youtube channel earned around 3.6 million subscribers already! Wow as in Wow! Hahahaha


It is really a big accomplishment for Wish 107.5 so to thank the growing community of Wishers including me of course… hahaha 😊, they add an additional item on their groundbreaking innovations last November 2017, the Wish Card!


What is WishCard?

  • It is the newest and coolest card in the Philippines right now. The Wishers can have this card by just downloading the Wish App for FREE on App Store or Google Play Store and guess what the Wish Card is also FREE! 😊
  • The Wishcard holder can use the card to avail exclusive promos, rewards and freebies from different partner establishments.

The WishCards are developed by 1K Solution, Inc. and luckily last Bloggers’ Meet 2018 we met the man behind it none other than the CEO, Mr. Noel Peralta Jr. 😊

The cards accompanying mobile app also serves as a one stop source of Wish 107.5 and yes, it’s loaded with exciting features that every Wishers would love.  I know everyone is excited about the WishCard and the Wish 107.5 App so keep on reading to find out more!

How does it works?

Its just easy as 1,2,3!!!

1st of course you need to download the app on your Google Play Store or App Store, so here are the links:


Download the Wish 107.5 App via for Android users and for iOS users.

2nd all you have to do is to sign up and just a reminder you have to make sure that all the details are correct especially the address 😊

3rd you have to activate your account and then your Wishcard will be process, it can be delivered or you can pick-up the card on their pick-up point partners.

I know that you are going to be so excited while waiting for your card but for you to earn points, to know promos and rewards, listen to live streaming while waiting and to be updated with the latest happenings on Wish 107.5 there will be Wish 107.5 App for you! 😊

Let us have a little tour on Wish 107.5 App to know more what’s waiting for you on the Wish App dear Wishers!


Once you open the app you will be directed to the Newsfeed where you can see the latest happenings on Wish 107.5, your favorite artists, upcoming events, about the partners and of course about the latest post of b/vlogger partners including me!!! Yehey! 😊 There are 2 clickable icons on top and 5 icons at the bottom.

  1. This is the icon about your Personal Information
  2. This is the icon where you can see notifications.
  3. This is the icon for the Newsfeed.
  4. This is the icon for the Rewards.
  5. This is the icon for the Live Streaming.
  6. This is the icon for the Promos.
  7. This is the icon for the other options


You can see here your personal information, Wish Points and also you can update your personal details here.



You can see here the updates if you earn Wish Points or other notifications about the App.



You can see her the latest updates in the Music Industry, Wish Bus, Favorite Artists, Partners and B/Vloggers partners post.



You can check out here the exclusives and exciting reward items from Wish, keep on earning Wish points to claim exclusive rewards.



You can now enjoy the listening to Wish 107.5 by using the Wish App.



You can enjoy Perks and Discounts from Merchants Partners here. This is soon! 😊



You can see here other apps sections like promo code, help pages and more.

  1. PROMO CODE where you input the codes to earn Wish Points
  2. PROMO SCANNER where you can use if you see a barcode to earn Wish points.
  3. CARD ACTIVATION where you can use to scan the code to activate your Wish Card ones you received it.
  4. MY COUPONS where you can see the perks and discount you avail from Merchant Partners.
  5. PARTNERS where you can see the list of Merchant partners of Wish 107.5 that ones you click the logo you will be redirected to their own page.
  6. BLOGGERS and VLOGGERS where you can see the lists of the B/Vloggers Partner of Wish 107.5 and yes guys including me!! Hahahah Ones you click the B/Vloggers logo you ill be redirected to our Blog Page.
  7. BE A PARTNER where you can watch a short video clip how you can be a partner and its benefits for you.
  8. INQUIRIES where you can message Wish 107.5 for any questions, clarification or if you need some assistance.
  9. The APP SETTING and LOG-OUT Buttons are also stored here.

This Wish 107.5 App/Wish Card is really going to be beneficial to all the Wishers not just in the Philippines but also to other countries. The way of saying Thank You of Wish 107.5 to all of us Wishers was really an awesome deal not just for us Wishers but also towards the Merchant Partners and for us B/Vloggers as what I have mentioned on my previous blog post when I announced I’m part of the B/Vloggers Partner of Wish 107.5 App. I feel blessed being part of the Wish 107.5 App family and if you haven’t read it yet here is the link on my previous post:

I know that you will l ask me how you can earn Wish points loves so do you want to know the secret!? Hahaha I personally already got 800 points as of the moment and what I’m doing is, on the Newsfeed of the App. I am reading all the posts and click read more  if it’s a blogger post so I can be directed to the main page of the blogger and you will see a code that you can input on the Promo Code and that’s it! You will have a notification how much points you earned on the notification icon.

So that’s it! Thank you for being part of my mini tour on Wish 107.5 App! I hope you learned about this post so download the app now and start earning points.😊

Promo Code: B1O2JBB

NOTE: The Wish 107.5 App is still on improvement phase but nothing to worry because they are already working on it for your great app experience.



Blair Japan: Be the Statement and Velvet Mousse Lipsticks

I purchased 2 shades each of Blair Cosmetics Velvet Mousse and Be the Statement Lipsticks last September 2018, so it’s almost a month now that I have been using these products. I always make sure that I will try to use it first for at least a month to really test all the products that I will be reviewing. The Blair Cosmetics launched their products I think 2016 or 2017 if I’m not mistaken but I just recently try it because my make-up addictions just started mid of this year. Hahaha

I bought the lipsticks from Blair Cosmetics Mnl Shop and Eunice (seller) is so friendly and approachable. They have their Instagram account so if you want to check them out here is the link:

The two lipsticks are different because the Velvet Mousse is a liquid type lipstick while the Be the Statement is a lipstick stick type, if you want to know more about the two lipsticks keep on reading. 😊



Specifics: 6ml/2 oz.

Packaging: They have both same box color which is black and gold. It looks so classic and sophisticated.


The Velvet Mouse comes in a glass tube with gold cover. It has a doe foot applicator but without shade name on it.

The Be the Statement comes in a Black and Gold container with a magnet attached to the cover & the container. It has no shade name on the container as well.

Hack: The box has a shade sticker on it, what I did is I remove it from the box and stick it on at the bottom of the container. 😊



Blair Velvet Mousse

  • Velvety Smooth Texture
  • Pigmented
  • Bold and Weightless
  • Soft with mousse and matte-like texture
  • It has Non-drying, comforting and conditioning ingredients

Blair Be the Statement

  • HD Matte
  • Rich, creamy texture
  • Organic
  • Ultra-pigmented
  • Deep Luster and intense color
  • Vitamin Boosted


Blair Velvet Mousse has 6 shades and I got Burnt Nude and Thorned Rose.

Blair Be the Statement has 8 shades and I got Maeve and Elle.


Prices may vary but I bought mine for only P299.00 each since they have a promo so if you want to check them out visit the Blair Cosmetics Mnl shop now. 😊


I tried to use the lipstick for the entire day, when I apply it on my lips it is so creamy and it’s so easy to glide on the lips. The lipstick is weightless and buttery feeling while on the lips. I have worn it for 8 hours but with little retouch after every meal. The lipstick has no scent like the other lipstick sticks. The product claims to have a matte finish but for me it is a satin finish but if you want it to be matte you just need to pat it with a tissue paper. The product is moisturizing and non-drying on the lips, pigmented, it has lots of shades to choose from, handy and has a classic sophisticated packaging which I love about this product. The things that I just don’t like is the shade name on the box not on the lipstick container but I have a hack for you so that is fine and it is not transfer proof since it is a satin finish so it’s fine as well.


I tried to use the Velvet Mousse for the entire day, when I apply it you can feel that it is creamy and it’s so easy to glide on the lips as well compare to other lip creams. The lipstick is like a combination of lip tint and lip cream for me, because it leaves tint on the lips even its removed like a lip tint and at the same time like a lip cream because of its creamy texture. The velvet mouse is non-drying because it has moisturizing ingredient that leaves my lips moisturized all day. The product is also weightless so you can’t feel it while you are wearing it. The finish for me is a satin finish, but if you want it to be matte just pat a tissue paper. The things that I just don’t like same with the Be the Statement is the shade name on the box not on the lipstick container but I have a hack for you so that is fine and it is not transfer proof since it is a satin finish so for me it’s still acceptable. I also noticed that the smell of the Velvet Mousse is not good, I can’t distinguish if it’s because of the ingredients and also because I am used to use lip creams with fruity and sweet scents, the good thing with this is after the application you can’t smell it anymore compare to other lipsticks that has strong smells.


The Velvet Mousse and Be the Statement Lipsticks is still going to be a “must have” on your kikay kit. I still recommend these products. The formula is good and the shades are awesome for all skin complexion. The price for me now is reasonable because before when they just launched the lipsticks it is quite pricey but they now lower down the price which is very good so that everyone can try it. The Blair cosmetics are now available not just online because they already have at malls compare before. They also have lots of distributors and resellers now which is really a convenient. I personally love the Maeve shade for the Be the Statement collection and the Thorned Rose for the Velvet Mousse collection.

The Velvet Mousse and Be the Statement collection is available at Blair Cosmetics Mnl. They also have other Blair Cosmetics products so for more information you can contact them here:


The Blair Cosmetics also launched new collections this year so for more information you can check them here:



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post and I just want to share my honest review of these products. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep on mind that it might work okay or not for me but might work or not for you. I hope you find these reviews helpful since my reviews are 100% pure honesty.

How about you love? Have you tried these lipsticks already? What are your thoughts? Any recommendations or anything you like to share? Please don’t hesitate to comment down below and share this to your friends if you found it helpful. 😊

So that’s it!! Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading! 😊



WishCard 107.5 invades Art in Island

It was a wonderful Saturday (September 22, 2018), I was luckily invited to attend the  Bloggers’ Meet 2018 that was organized by Wishcard App International, Wish 107.5 and 1K Solutions Inc., it was held in Art in Island Museum in Quezon City and I was so excited to attend because I will be meeting other b/vloggers too. I received an e-mail from Ms. Aubrey Macapagal of 1K Solutions Inc. about the full details of the event that made me more excited, so if you want to know more about what happened on the event just keep on reading. Hahaha 😊



I arrived at the venue around 1:30 in the afternoon and looked for my friend Sab. She is actually the person who invited me to attend the event so I’m really thankful to her, I met her on Instagram through mutual friends and saw her already on the previous event that we attended. I also met other bloggers like Malou, Rachelle and Chelsea and while waiting we just keep on chitchatting about their adventures going to the venue and took some photos because the place was so nice even we are still outside the museum. I swear! 😊


 I also bought Iced Coffee at Café Minou located inside the Art in Island Museum.  It was just P 135.00 and it’s a refreshment on a hot afternoon while waiting for the event to start.  The Café Minou also offer snacks, so if you visit Art in Island you can dropped by on their Café to try it too and also you can check Chelsea’s blog post about the Café Minou for more information, here is the link : A Toast to Remember at Cafe Minou, Art in Island

The event started with some getting to know each other portion and an opportunity for us to share to them our blog websites. My friend Sab was the one that was asked on our group and the only representative from #BeautifulWishers that time to talk and share some insights… hahahah😊 Oooppss! By the way we call us Beautiful Wishers and I’m lucky to be part of their group so if you want to know more about how it started it was on Sab’s blog post, so here’s the link: #wishcardwithartinisland

We watched the AVP presentation about the Wishcard App and what’s in it for us as b/vloggers and it was more explained to us by the CEO of 1K Solutions Inc., Mr. Noel C. Peralta Jr.  It was explained to us in detailed and also there was a Q&A part for some clarifications we want to know. We really appreciate it because one question there was “Why us? We are just newbies.” and Mr Peralta explained that it is going to be a “win- win” partnership for us because we will help them and at the same time they will also help to promote traffics on our own blogs and we are all overwhelmed with this partnership.

Do you wanna know a secret?
I am now one of the official blogger of Wishcard 107.5!!

After the Q&A, the MoA was distributed to us and YES! This is going to be my 1st partnership and I am really happy to announce that starting this month I am an official blogger partner of Wishcard App International.! Yahhooo! 😊


The Wish 107.5 App is available on Play Store and App Store so if you haven’t downloaded it yet, download it now because there are lots of promos and surprises waiting for you and also you can see more from me on the app. I will be more detailed about the Wish 107.5 app on my next blog posts so watch out for it! 😊

Banana Flambae (mine), Corn Cheese Toast (Rachelle), Apple Cinnamon (Chelsea)

We also had yummy snacks served to us by Café Minou staffs while reading and finishing the contract signing. We are all full because of the yummy snacks and we are fueled for our next itinerary which is the tour at the museum. 😊 I also met another #BeautifulWisher Rika and I just want to reiterate loves that there are rules and regulations we need to follow inside the museum so make sure to follow for a great tour experience. I forgot to tell you loves that before we enter the museum we need to wear the shoes cover if we don’t want to remove our shoes or if you have socks that’s also fine, this is to make sure to maintain the museum for the future generations, so let the tour begins! 😊

How I wish they are real.. hahahahaha

Me and my girls had fun during the tour and it really brings out the kiddie side of us! Hahaha😊 We took lots of photos and we shared lots of laughter’s on our entire tour at the museum. We are all amazed how beautiful it is and it’s really an Instagrammable worthy. Here are some photos so you can also see it. 😊 I will really suggest for you to visit the Art in Island personally for you to experience it personally and I will be happy to see your own photos, so don’t forget to tag me on your post on your Instagram or Facebook accounts! 😊<3

Around I think 5:00 in the afternoon there was a show and they advised that it is a new attraction at the museum. I was really amazed how beautiful it is and I took a short clip of it but I think its better if you see it for yourselves so visit Art in Island now! 😊 hahaha Here are some other photos 😊

So inlove! ❤

After the tour I got my own copy of the MoA signed and they also gave us a personal cellphone case from one of the partners, Hype Cases. It was really cute black, matte, hard phone case with a quote on it. The Christmas season is coming so if you want to give your love one’s personalized gifts, this is going to be one of my suggestion so  you might want to check them out! 😊 Here is the link: Hype Cases


We are all tired but happy after the event so we decided to eat some finger foods at Chefs Garage Restaurant located in Cubao X. After that, we parted each other with smile on our faces but guess what we still continue our chikahan on our Facebook Messenger Group! Hahahaha 😊

I will take this opportunity to thank the organizers, sponsors and people behind the success of the event. Thank you Wish 107.5, Wishcard App International and 1K Solutions, Inc. for giving us this opportunity and trusting us to be part of the Wish 107.5 App. We are really overwhelmed because of this and so happy to be part of the Wish 107.5 App family. Thank you Ms. Aubrey Macapagal for the invite and also to Sab that sent me a PM to invite me on this event, I really appreciate it. Thanks to Hype Cases for the wonderful phone case and thank you also to my new found pretty #BeautifulWishers friends! Chelsea, Malou, Rika and especially Rachelle who took my photos. Hahaha😊


So that’s it! Thank you so much loves for your time reading so please subscribe and follow me on my Instagram (little_ms_bratt) and Facebook Account (April Atacador Tayas). 😊 Let’s get in touch! ❤

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