Art of Busy: Beauty Vlogging 101

I wanted to share my Kipling experience last September 21, 2018. I am one of the lucky participants that was chosen to be part of the free workshop at Kipling’s store in Mall of Asia. The free workshop was about beauty vlogging 101 and guess what, the beauty vlogger who conducted the workshop is one of my favorite vloggers none other than Ms. Anna Cay. I am really her fan and I am so starstruck when I saw her. Hahaha

The host of the event was also one of my favorites, Ms. Janeena Chan. I really like her for being so jolly and friendly. She really boosts the good vibes on the events she’s hosting.

The workshop gave us idea about vlogging especially for those participants that are aspiring vloggers. Ms. Anna Cay advise that Beauty Vloggers are also called Beauty Gurus, Influencers and also Content Creator which she wants to be personally called.

She shared her life journey before she became so popular as a content creator. She shared to us her 1st vlog post and we laugh because she was so shy to reminisce it.

She shared to us the cameras and equipment’s that she used for vlogging. She advice to us that for starters it is not a necessity to have good camera and we can start to use what we already have, like our own smartphones. She advises us that the important is the uniqueness of the content regardless what camera we use.

She also shared to us her very own 3 Fundamentals in vlogging which are:

  1. Content
  2. Quality
  3. Personality


She explained to us that the content we should choose is really our passion, the goal as well is for us to give good quality videos to provide our viewers the best viewing experience and the most important is the personality because we should have to show our viewers the real us because this will make us unique as a content creator.

She also shared about he upcoming make-up line business that will be launch around November 2018 but this is just a tentative launching date. She advises that she will announce everything if it is finalized already. She also shares about her App so for those who haven’t download it yet it’s already available on App Store and Play Store.

I learned a lot of things about this workshop because maybe in the future I will also be starting my own Youtube Channel. Hahahah I also learn some tips that I can also apply for blogging.

I really want to thank Kipling Philippines for this wonderful event. I personally love their bags because it’s really durable and it has lots of compartments inside. I personally only have 1 Kipling Bag because we all know it’s quite pricey but its worth it because the quality is good and since I received a discount coupon from the event, I will be using it to purchase for my second bag! Yehey!

Thank you so much Kipling Philippines and Ms. Anna Cay for the wonderful workshop and thanks for the coin purse that you gave us as a token of appreciation. I really appreciate it! 😊


So that’s it! Thank you everyone for reading and I hope you learned what I learned from the workshop. I placed the links for you so you can follow them too and for you to check if they will have other upcoming free workshops as well.



Facebook Page:


Anna Cay

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Love Lots!



#ExperienceEllana: The Custom Color Launch

September 14, 2018, it was Friday and to be honest it’s rainy already that time in Metro Manila due to the typhoon Ompong that will landfall over the weekends. This typhoon is really going to be a super typhoon as what was advice on the news.

I really want to drop by at SM Makati that day for the event but due to the bad weather I cannot decide if I’m going or not, but since I’m around the area and the weather gets better in the afternoon, I decided to drop by on the event since the typhoon can’t stop me… hahaha 😊

I arrived at SM Makati Beauty Playground and met my friend Mariel since she’s one of the Influencer that was invited on the event. I also met other vloggers and influencers like Bianca, May, Charm and many more. Mariel, Kylie and I met at the Skinpotions Dream Party, I have the previous blog post about the event so if you haven’t read it yet, here is the link:



It was a wonderful night because JC Cantos of Dolled up by J.C. Cantos also shared her make-up experiences and hacks while doing her workshop.

Ellana event was the launch of their new retail service which is the custom color, it gave us privilege to create and mix our own lip shade in Luxe Lipstick and loose multi-purpose pigments.  The Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is an awesome brand because they are vegan, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, talc-free, fragrance-free and most important is they are cruelty-free. The Ellana products are available online and also on malls. Here is the link of their website:

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it and I would also like to invite you if you haven’t read yet my post about ‘My Morning Skincare Routine” here is the link:

Please read it because I also have a little surprise for you on that post. Thank you so much! 😊



My Morning Skincare Routine

What is a skincare routine? What is the importance of taking care of our skin? How to come up with a skincare routine? These are the questions I keep on asking myself 2 years ago. I started to be more conscious when I turned 25 years old last 2016. I realized that since I’m not getting younger anymore, I need to do something to maintain and still keep my youthful skin. I tried lots of products and I will say that it’s really a trial and error for me before I found the best products that I am using until now.

I want to share with you my Morning Skincare Routine that I’m doing every single day. I use different products and I will say they are the best after the trial and errors that I have done. I am currently obsessed with Korean and Local products, so let’s begin!

When I wake-up in the morning I wipe my face gently with a cloth or tissue paper to remove excess oil (NOTE: Wipe gently. Do not rub too much your face.) and I wash my face with Watermelon Pop soap from Skinpotions and this soap wakes me up in the morning because of its watermelon scent.


The next step is the toner and I use two toners alternately each day. I use Skinpotions Blossom Toner to make my pores fresh and the other one I use is the Nacific Real Rose Floral Toner that I bought from Althea Korea. It has real petals and same with the Blossom Toner it makes my skin ready for the next skincare regime.

The next step is the essence and I use the Cosrx Glactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence that I bought from Sophia and Kalel store. This product makes my skin moisturize and this is for skin renewal.


The next step is the serum and I use the Tomato Serum from Skinpotions and this is one of my favorites. The serum makes my skin supple, healthier and glowing. I also love the sweet scent of this serum.


The next step is the eye cream and I use the Mizon Only One Eye Cream for Face and I purchased the product from Sunnysknmnl. I have dark eye circles so one important skincare must have for me is the eye cream.


The next step is the moisturizer and I am using two moisturizers alternately each day. The first one is the Glass Skin by Skinpotions and the second one is the Perfect Moisture Cream by Onsaemeein that I purchased from Althea Korea.

The second to the last is the sunscreen and I am in love with the Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream that I purchased from Sophia and Kalel. Sunscreen is important to protect our skin from sun but even raining sunscreen is still needed.


Lastly, the lips also need some TLC so I’m using the Carmex Classic Lip Balm that I purchased in Watsons, my favorite store. The lip balm makes my lips moisturize all day. This is a must have product before putting lipsticks on.


The products I use are not sponsored and this is just to share what are my skin current BFFs, so these might not be good for you. I have mentioned earlier I do trials and errors first before I come up with this morning skincare routine and I’m hoping you find your skins BFF to. Just be patience! 😊 If you want me to do a review of each item just feel free to comment down below and I will be more than happy to do it for you. I also tagged the links of the Instagram accounts of the store for your reference if you want to check them out.


I also like to take this opportunity to ask you about your eye skincare routine or any hacks that you can share to me because I really want to learn more about eye care since I have dark eye circles. I will be giving a special gift for the best hack or suggestion, all you have to do is to follow me on Instagram: little_ms_bratt and DM to me your answer. I also posted a photo on my IG about this blog post so I will appreciate if you will share it to your friends. I will announce the winner on my Instagram Account on September 30, 2018. Send me your entry because I will really love to hear it and I will try it for sure.

So that’s it! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Godbless!



Skinpotions Dream Cream

Skinpotions launched a new product last August 31, 2018 which is the Dream Cream Powder Velvet Tint. I have the Dream Cream Box since I attended the event, If you want to find out more about the Dream Party you can read my post on this link:

What’s inside the box?

  • Complete 6 shades of Dream Cream Tints
  • 1 Thank You Card
  • 1 Instruction Card how to use the tints
  • 1 Sticker Card
  • 1 Sleeping Eye Mask



SPECIFICS: 6 ml/ 0.20 fl. Oz.


The color of the box depends on the shade of the lip tint. It has cloud, stars and moon design which is very cute for the dreamy theme. The containers of the tints are made of clear glass where you can see the shade of the tint inside. The container also has a shade name at the bottom so you can easily identify the tint and there’s manufacturing date for your reference.




  • Locally made dream formula
  • Light as air texture
  • Powder Velvet Finish
  • Blendable
  • Long wearing
  • Nourishing with Shea Butter and Argan Oil
  • Multi-way tints for your lips, eyes and cheeks


  • Harper
  • Stella
  • Dylanne
  • Zoey
  • Scarlet
  • Brooklyn


I try to use all the Dream Cream Tints, the packaging is so nice because it is really suitable for the Dream Cream because of the monochrome color of the stars and moons. The tag line and the front of the box is embossed to emphasize it. The lip tints are also handy because the size is small that can fit on a small pouch. The applicator is also good same with other lipsticks to blend well the tint on the lips. The smell of the tint is fruity which I also like because I love make-ups and skincare that has good smell. The Skinpotions products are known for sweet and fruity scents that’s why I love their products so much.

I apply It on my lips and it is so easy to blend and you can feel that it’s so light like there’s a powder on it even it’s a liquid. I also notice it is really powder velvet finish because its not dry or matte on the lips and at the same time not wet. I also try to wear it long time and it stays even I eat but I still need to retouch to fill in the inside of my lips. I also love the tints because it keeps my lips moisturize even I wear it long time since it contains Shea Butter and Argan Oil. I try to use it on my cheeks and lids as well, it was great as what the product claims.



I will be honest with my review and base on the product claims, I will agree that the Dream Cream tints are light as air when apply, it has powder velvet finish, it’s blendable, the Shea Butter and Argan Oil are great ingredients since it didn’t dry my lips and its multi-way to use. The shades are also good for all skin complexion. The colors are amazing because I have notice that if you put one shade on the lips, cheeks and lid, it seems you use different shades. I notice that the tint gives monochromatic color on my face when I use it. I want just to comment on the long wearing claim because for me on the lids and cheeks it is but, on the lips, you still need to retouch inside the lips because since it is powdery velvet it can be easily remove. I also notice that since it is powdery finish it easily spreads on my lips and sometimes I didn’t notice its beyond my lips line already since it’s very light.

I will still say that this product is a “must have” because it is still worth it to buy because with the product claims it is still 6/7 for the lips and 7/7 for the cheeks and lids which is great. The product is also affordable because it cost 249.00 pesos each and It can already be use multi-way. I advise that you try if for yourself because this is base only on my own review and it might be different for you.

The Skinpotions have kiosks on some malls and resellers where you can buy the Dream Cream Tints. They also have Instagram and Facebook page where you can check their other products and a website where you can order online so here’s the link:

I also just want to add that my top 3 shades are Scarlett, Harper and Brooklyn but I’m still #teamall. 😊

So that’s it for my review for Skinpotions Dream Cream Tints and hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to comment or leave some suggestions, I will love to hear from you and I will also appreciate if you tell me what’s your favorite shade😊

Love lots,


Skinpotions Dream Party

I wanted to share with you my beautiful experience when I attended the Skinpotions Dream Party last August 31, 2018 at Main Street Restaurant in Kapitolyo Pasig.

 I am one of the lucky winners that had a chance to be part of the wonderful event. I just shared their post and put on the comment the reason why I should win and luckily, I won!




The Dream Party Event was the launching of their new product which is the Dream Cream Powder Velvet Tints. The venue was so nice as what I expected because Skinpotions was also known for their girly kiosk, booths & products. Their concept was really girly and dreamy wonderland!




The party was awesome not just with the venue design but also because of the delicious foods that was served to us. The Main Street Restaurant was located in 10 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, 1603 Pasig. They  are open Monday to Sunday 9:00AM to 12:00AM, you can also visit their social media accounts for more details and here’s the link:


The party had full of surprises, there are lots of games and Skinpotions were so generous because they gave lots of giveaways aside from the Dream Cream Box.






I felt so blessed because aside from being part of the event that had good food, giveaways and experience, I also met beautiful bloggers and vloggers I look up into like Nanay Isha (Purple Heiress), Ms. Nina Rayos, Tyra C., Ms. Martha and of course we met again Mama Anne Clutz. There are also other vloggers and bloggers I met that now I also followed on their social media account who are also awesome.



I also gained new pretty friends who have the same passion with me like Nikki, Jade, Mariel, Kaye and many more. The event and the people I met on the party made me realized to fix and recreate my blog.



The launch of the dream cream tints was really successful and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Skinpotions Team and especially to the beautiful owner’s CEO Ms. Jonah Sison and COO Ms. Aileen Sison. They are really accommodating and I really admire them a lot. Congratulations again to the success of the Dream Party and on the launched of Dream Cream Powder Velvet Tints that for sure will be another big hit product.



I will be posting my review about Skinpotions Dream Cream Tints and I hope you also read it. I also love to hear any feedbacks or comments from you and also please follow me on my social media accounts.

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

-Oprah Winfrey

Love lots,