Caronia Body: Hand Sanitizers

Hello Loves!!

I’m happy to share with you again another product that you must try and these are non-other than Caronia Body Hand Sanitizers, Yes! You heard me right! They are not just about nail polishes but they also have another product line that I’m sure you will also love. I am so lucky because they gave me opportunity to try four different scents of their sanitizers because they sent me a PR package last December 2018. I was so happy and same with you, I also don’t know that they have a different product so I was so overwhelmed and excited to try it.


I received their products inside a really cute eco-bag and I felt so important because it was really personalized. I got four scents: Watermelon, Eucalyptus, Green Tea and Lavender. They really smell good and it just not kill 99.9 germs but it also moisturizes skin. I personally love the watermelon scent because of its fruity scent.


I super love the packaging because it is so handy & convenient to bring anywhere. I personally bring mine wherever I go because it still fits even, I just use a small pouch.

I highly recommend this hand sanitizer of Caronia Body not just because of the lovely scents but also because it will always make you germ free to keep you away from viruses that can cause flu or other illness and also additional to it is the moisturizing effect on skin. I want to take this opportunity to thank Caronia Body for sending me these awesome products that I use every day. I super love it and definitely will purchase soon to restock.

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