My Morning Skincare Routine

What is a skincare routine? What is the importance of taking care of our skin? How to come up with a skincare routine? These are the questions I keep on asking myself 2 years ago. I started to be more conscious when I turned 25 years old last 2016. I realized that since I’m not getting younger anymore, I need to do something to maintain and still keep my youthful skin. I tried lots of products and I will say that it’s really a trial and error for me before I found the best products that I am using until now.

I want to share with you my Morning Skincare Routine that I’m doing every single day. I use different products and I will say they are the best after the trial and errors that I have done. I am currently obsessed with Korean and Local products, so let’s begin!

When I wake-up in the morning I wipe my face gently with a cloth or tissue paper to remove excess oil (NOTE: Wipe gently. Do not rub too much your face.) and I wash my face with Watermelon Pop soap from Skinpotions and this soap wakes me up in the morning because of its watermelon scent.


The next step is the toner and I use two toners alternately each day. I use Skinpotions Blossom Toner to make my pores fresh and the other one I use is the Nacific Real Rose Floral Toner that I bought from Althea Korea. It has real petals and same with the Blossom Toner it makes my skin ready for the next skincare regime.

The next step is the essence and I use the Cosrx Glactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence that I bought from Sophia and Kalel store. This product makes my skin moisturize and this is for skin renewal.


The next step is the serum and I use the Tomato Serum from Skinpotions and this is one of my favorites. The serum makes my skin supple, healthier and glowing. I also love the sweet scent of this serum.


The next step is the eye cream and I use the Mizon Only One Eye Cream for Face and I purchased the product from Sunnysknmnl. I have dark eye circles so one important skincare must have for me is the eye cream.


The next step is the moisturizer and I am using two moisturizers alternately each day. The first one is the Glass Skin by Skinpotions and the second one is the Perfect Moisture Cream by Onsaemeein that I purchased from Althea Korea.

The second to the last is the sunscreen and I am in love with the Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream that I purchased from Sophia and Kalel. Sunscreen is important to protect our skin from sun but even raining sunscreen is still needed.


Lastly, the lips also need some TLC so I’m using the Carmex Classic Lip Balm that I purchased in Watsons, my favorite store. The lip balm makes my lips moisturize all day. This is a must have product before putting lipsticks on.


The products I use are not sponsored and this is just to share what are my skin current BFFs, so these might not be good for you. I have mentioned earlier I do trials and errors first before I come up with this morning skincare routine and I’m hoping you find your skins BFF to. Just be patience! 😊 If you want me to do a review of each item just feel free to comment down below and I will be more than happy to do it for you. I also tagged the links of the Instagram accounts of the store for your reference if you want to check them out.


I also like to take this opportunity to ask you about your eye skincare routine or any hacks that you can share to me because I really want to learn more about eye care since I have dark eye circles. I will be giving a special gift for the best hack or suggestion, all you have to do is to follow me on Instagram: little_ms_bratt and DM to me your answer. I also posted a photo on my IG about this blog post so I will appreciate if you will share it to your friends. I will announce the winner on my Instagram Account on September 30, 2018. Send me your entry because I will really love to hear it and I will try it for sure.

So that’s it! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Godbless!




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