WishCard 107.5 invades Art in Island

It was a wonderful Saturday (September 22, 2018), I was luckily invited to attend the  Bloggers’ Meet 2018 that was organized by Wishcard App International, Wish 107.5 and 1K Solutions Inc., it was held in Art in Island Museum in Quezon City and I was so excited to attend because I will be meeting other b/vloggers too. I received an e-mail from Ms. Aubrey Macapagal of 1K Solutions Inc. about the full details of the event that made me more excited, so if you want to know more about what happened on the event just keep on reading. Hahaha 😊



I arrived at the venue around 1:30 in the afternoon and looked for my friend Sab. She is actually the person who invited me to attend the event so I’m really thankful to her, I met her on Instagram through mutual friends and saw her already on the previous event that we attended. I also met other bloggers like Malou, Rachelle and Chelsea and while waiting we just keep on chitchatting about their adventures going to the venue and took some photos because the place was so nice even we are still outside the museum. I swear! 😊


 I also bought Iced Coffee at Café Minou located inside the Art in Island Museum.  It was just P 135.00 and it’s a refreshment on a hot afternoon while waiting for the event to start.  The Café Minou also offer snacks, so if you visit Art in Island you can dropped by on their Café to try it too and also you can check Chelsea’s blog post about the Café Minou for more information, here is the link : A Toast to Remember at Cafe Minou, Art in Island

The event started with some getting to know each other portion and an opportunity for us to share to them our blog websites. My friend Sab was the one that was asked on our group and the only representative from #BeautifulWishers that time to talk and share some insights… hahahah😊 Oooppss! By the way we call us Beautiful Wishers and I’m lucky to be part of their group so if you want to know more about how it started it was on Sab’s blog post, so here’s the link: #wishcardwithartinisland

We watched the AVP presentation about the Wishcard App and what’s in it for us as b/vloggers and it was more explained to us by the CEO of 1K Solutions Inc., Mr. Noel C. Peralta Jr.  It was explained to us in detailed and also there was a Q&A part for some clarifications we want to know. We really appreciate it because one question there was “Why us? We are just newbies.” and Mr Peralta explained that it is going to be a “win- win” partnership for us because we will help them and at the same time they will also help to promote traffics on our own blogs and we are all overwhelmed with this partnership.

Do you wanna know a secret?
I am now one of the official blogger of Wishcard 107.5!!

After the Q&A, the MoA was distributed to us and YES! This is going to be my 1st partnership and I am really happy to announce that starting this month I am an official blogger partner of Wishcard App International.! Yahhooo! 😊


The Wish 107.5 App is available on Play Store and App Store so if you haven’t downloaded it yet, download it now because there are lots of promos and surprises waiting for you and also you can see more from me on the app. I will be more detailed about the Wish 107.5 app on my next blog posts so watch out for it! 😊

Banana Flambae (mine), Corn Cheese Toast (Rachelle), Apple Cinnamon (Chelsea)

We also had yummy snacks served to us by Café Minou staffs while reading and finishing the contract signing. We are all full because of the yummy snacks and we are fueled for our next itinerary which is the tour at the museum. 😊 I also met another #BeautifulWisher Rika and I just want to reiterate loves that there are rules and regulations we need to follow inside the museum so make sure to follow for a great tour experience. I forgot to tell you loves that before we enter the museum we need to wear the shoes cover if we don’t want to remove our shoes or if you have socks that’s also fine, this is to make sure to maintain the museum for the future generations, so let the tour begins! 😊

How I wish they are real.. hahahahaha

Me and my girls had fun during the tour and it really brings out the kiddie side of us! Hahaha😊 We took lots of photos and we shared lots of laughter’s on our entire tour at the museum. We are all amazed how beautiful it is and it’s really an Instagrammable worthy. Here are some photos so you can also see it. 😊 I will really suggest for you to visit the Art in Island personally for you to experience it personally and I will be happy to see your own photos, so don’t forget to tag me on your post on your Instagram or Facebook accounts! 😊<3

Around I think 5:00 in the afternoon there was a show and they advised that it is a new attraction at the museum. I was really amazed how beautiful it is and I took a short clip of it but I think its better if you see it for yourselves so visit Art in Island now! 😊 hahaha Here are some other photos 😊

So inlove! ❤

After the tour I got my own copy of the MoA signed and they also gave us a personal cellphone case from one of the partners, Hype Cases. It was really cute black, matte, hard phone case with a quote on it. The Christmas season is coming so if you want to give your love one’s personalized gifts, this is going to be one of my suggestion so  you might want to check them out! 😊 Here is the link: Hype Cases


We are all tired but happy after the event so we decided to eat some finger foods at Chefs Garage Restaurant located in Cubao X. After that, we parted each other with smile on our faces but guess what we still continue our chikahan on our Facebook Messenger Group! Hahahaha 😊

I will take this opportunity to thank the organizers, sponsors and people behind the success of the event. Thank you Wish 107.5, Wishcard App International and 1K Solutions, Inc. for giving us this opportunity and trusting us to be part of the Wish 107.5 App. We are really overwhelmed because of this and so happy to be part of the Wish 107.5 App family. Thank you Ms. Aubrey Macapagal for the invite and also to Sab that sent me a PM to invite me on this event, I really appreciate it. Thanks to Hype Cases for the wonderful phone case and thank you also to my new found pretty #BeautifulWishers friends! Chelsea, Malou, Rika and especially Rachelle who took my photos. Hahaha😊


So that’s it! Thank you so much loves for your time reading so please subscribe and follow me on my Instagram (little_ms_bratt) and Facebook Account (April Atacador Tayas). 😊 Let’s get in touch! ❤

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