Wish107.5 App & WishCard: Token of Love to Wishers

Wish 107.5 was known for introducing unique concepts in the broadcasting industry. They have launched Wish Bus as the 1st and only FM Radio on wheels and they also had the online singing competition which is the Wishcovery.

They are now really getting bigger and bigger that’s why it’s Youtube channel earned around 3.6 million subscribers already! Wow as in Wow! Hahahaha


It is really a big accomplishment for Wish 107.5 so to thank the growing community of Wishers including me of course… hahaha 😊, they add an additional item on their groundbreaking innovations last November 2017, the Wish Card!


What is WishCard?

  • It is the newest and coolest card in the Philippines right now. The Wishers can have this card by just downloading the Wish App for FREE on App Store or Google Play Store and guess what the Wish Card is also FREE! 😊
  • The Wishcard holder can use the card to avail exclusive promos, rewards and freebies from different partner establishments.

The WishCards are developed by 1K Solution, Inc. and luckily last Bloggers’ Meet 2018 we met the man behind it none other than the CEO, Mr. Noel Peralta Jr. 😊

The cards accompanying mobile app also serves as a one stop source of Wish 107.5 and yes, it’s loaded with exciting features that every Wishers would love.  I know everyone is excited about the WishCard and the Wish 107.5 App so keep on reading to find out more!

How does it works?

Its just easy as 1,2,3!!!

1st of course you need to download the app on your Google Play Store or App Store, so here are the links:


Download the Wish 107.5 App via http://bit.ly/2A3qevO for Android users and http://apple.co/2ACaFM6 for iOS users.

2nd all you have to do is to sign up and just a reminder you have to make sure that all the details are correct especially the address 😊

3rd you have to activate your account and then your Wishcard will be process, it can be delivered or you can pick-up the card on their pick-up point partners.

I know that you are going to be so excited while waiting for your card but for you to earn points, to know promos and rewards, listen to live streaming while waiting and to be updated with the latest happenings on Wish 107.5 there will be Wish 107.5 App for you! 😊

Let us have a little tour on Wish 107.5 App to know more what’s waiting for you on the Wish App dear Wishers!


Once you open the app you will be directed to the Newsfeed where you can see the latest happenings on Wish 107.5, your favorite artists, upcoming events, about the partners and of course about the latest post of b/vlogger partners including me!!! Yehey! 😊 There are 2 clickable icons on top and 5 icons at the bottom.

  1. This is the icon about your Personal Information
  2. This is the icon where you can see notifications.
  3. This is the icon for the Newsfeed.
  4. This is the icon for the Rewards.
  5. This is the icon for the Live Streaming.
  6. This is the icon for the Promos.
  7. This is the icon for the other options


You can see here your personal information, Wish Points and also you can update your personal details here.



You can see here the updates if you earn Wish Points or other notifications about the App.



You can see her the latest updates in the Music Industry, Wish Bus, Favorite Artists, Partners and B/Vloggers partners post.



You can check out here the exclusives and exciting reward items from Wish, keep on earning Wish points to claim exclusive rewards.



You can now enjoy the listening to Wish 107.5 by using the Wish App.



You can enjoy Perks and Discounts from Merchants Partners here. This is soon! 😊



You can see here other apps sections like promo code, help pages and more.

  1. PROMO CODE where you input the codes to earn Wish Points
  2. PROMO SCANNER where you can use if you see a barcode to earn Wish points.
  3. CARD ACTIVATION where you can use to scan the code to activate your Wish Card ones you received it.
  4. MY COUPONS where you can see the perks and discount you avail from Merchant Partners.
  5. PARTNERS where you can see the list of Merchant partners of Wish 107.5 that ones you click the logo you will be redirected to their own page.
  6. BLOGGERS and VLOGGERS where you can see the lists of the B/Vloggers Partner of Wish 107.5 and yes guys including me!! Hahahah Ones you click the B/Vloggers logo you ill be redirected to our Blog Page.
  7. BE A PARTNER where you can watch a short video clip how you can be a partner and its benefits for you.
  8. INQUIRIES where you can message Wish 107.5 for any questions, clarification or if you need some assistance.
  9. The APP SETTING and LOG-OUT Buttons are also stored here.

This Wish 107.5 App/Wish Card is really going to be beneficial to all the Wishers not just in the Philippines but also to other countries. The way of saying Thank You of Wish 107.5 to all of us Wishers was really an awesome deal not just for us Wishers but also towards the Merchant Partners and for us B/Vloggers as what I have mentioned on my previous blog post when I announced I’m part of the B/Vloggers Partner of Wish 107.5 App. I feel blessed being part of the Wish 107.5 App family and if you haven’t read it yet here is the link on my previous post:


I know that you will l ask me how you can earn Wish points loves so do you want to know the secret!? Hahaha I personally already got 800 points as of the moment and what I’m doing is, on the Newsfeed of the App. I am reading all the posts and click read more  if it’s a blogger post so I can be directed to the main page of the blogger and you will see a code that you can input on the Promo Code and that’s it! You will have a notification how much points you earned on the notification icon.

So that’s it! Thank you for being part of my mini tour on Wish 107.5 App! I hope you learned about this post so download the app now and start earning points.😊

Promo Code: B1O2JBB

NOTE: The Wish 107.5 App is still on improvement phase but nothing to worry because they are already working on it for your great app experience.




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