Colourette: Velvetints Review

Hello Loves!!

I will be sharing with you my thoughts about the newest collection of Colourette Cosmetics, the Velvetints.

The Colourette Cosmetics celebrated their 3rd year anniversary and in connection to this, they released their newest collection that can be use in 3 different ways. The Velvetints can be used for eyes, cheeks and lips which is so great. Isn’t it amazing? One product for three ways already is really going to be a lifesaver and a must have on our kikay kit, right? 😊

I got the package that includes the tints and a cute sticker decal in a box. I was so happy when I received it and was so excited to try it, so if you want to know more about the newest Colourette product please keep on reading. 😊




Packaging: comes in a glass tube with black cover. It has a flat doe foot applicator with shade name at the bottom and name Colourette.



  • Pigmented
  • Dries from velvet to powdery matte finish
  • Works in 3 ways: cheeks, eyes and lips
  • Stays all day while remaining comfy on lips



  • RSVP – a muted, everyday red that can take every Filipina from day to night.
  • Birthday Cake – a rich brown that any skin tone can rock.
  • Rose – a warm pink designed to complement all Filipina skin tones.


PRICE: P299.00 each

I tried to use the liptints for almost 12 hours, 9 hours at the office and additional 3 hours outside the office. I didn’t retouch my liptints entire day to test if it is really long lasting and of course I ate to make sure to test the product. The scent of the tints is a little fruity because I can smell cherry but not that much. I tried it and it was rally blendable, easy to apply on cheeks, lips and eyelids, pigmented and very comfy on lips when applied. I also noticed that it’s true “little goes a long way” because one dip on the tint is  enough on lips and at least 1-2 dots for cheeks or eyelids goes a long way.



Packaging: The packaging for me is simple but still okay since the Colourette is known for simple packaging which is clear glass tube and black cover.

Price: The price for me is little pricey for a 3 ml product since there are other tints which is cheaper that offers the same claims but for me it is still fine since it’s a 3-way product and a little goes a long way. I highly suggest if you want to try it, purchase at least 1 shade first that you really like and if you love the formula save money to purchase the other shades. (just a piece of advice 😊)

Shades: The shades for me are super bomb! I like all the shades and my favorite is the Birthday Cake since I love nudes. It complements my fair skin complexion and I think it will also complement other skin tones.

Formula: I like the tints because as what the product claims it is really blendable, pigmented, long lasting and very powdery matte finish when applied. I just noticed that it is not transfer proof but still okay for me because even it transfers, the tints remaining on the lips still looks good. I also noticed that yes, it is really long lasting but when I tried it for 12 hours without retouch it makes my lips dry. I still use it but what I’m doing now is I remove it after 3-4 hours and retouch it. I observed that in that way it’s better for me so that my lips will not dry.

Final Verdict, I think the Velvetints are still a “must try and must have” product on your kikay kit because what I really like about it are the shades, they are pigmented, little goes a long way and we can already use it in 3-ways. However, for me personally it is really pricey for a 3ml product and also because I am retouching it every 3-4 hours since it is really drying my lips if I’m wearing it too long so it’s a waste of product, time and money. Am I going to buy it again? Sorry Colourette but just maybe because I think my lips is not good with it but might purchase it again for the cheeks and eyelids only and because of the nice shades.


If you want to check about Colourette’s Velvetints and other products, check their Instagram, Facebook and website. Here are the links:




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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post and I just want to share my honest review of this product. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep on mind that it might work okay or not for me but might work or not for you. I hope you find this review helpful since my reviews are 100% pure honesty.

How about you love? Have you tried these lip tints already? What are your thoughts? Any recommendations or anything you like to share? Please don’t hesitate to comment down below and share this to your friends if you found it helpful. 😊

So that’s it!! Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading! 😊




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