Getrollinph: Stress Bomb and Zing

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I will be sharing you about these 2 products that I got from Getrollin Ph, the Zing and the Stress Bomb. The products arrived so timely because since I just go back to work after 2 months rest, I have been very busy lately trying to manage my time as a blogger and a Customer Service Representative. I am sometimes getting out of focus at the office, sleepy and there are times I feel stressed out because I don’t know how can I manage my time to write since I have work from Monday to Friday and these products helped me out so much. I already follow Getrollinph on Instagram before and stalking them because I really want to try their products since I am currently obsessed with essential oils.  One day, I am very lucky and happy that Ms. Bea owner of Getrollin Ph contacted me and advised that she will be sending some products for a collaboration and I really appreciate her kindness and being so nice. I asked her some questions that will help us to know more about Getrollinph and here it is with her answers:


1.When did Getrollinph started?

-June 12, 2018

2. Why did you choose essential oil business compare to other line of business?

– I chose to go into the essential oil business because oils have been used for centuries to alleviate, improve, and enhance symptoms of discomfort in a very non-invasive way. I personally try to avoid medication for myself and for my family, so oils are a great and surefire alternative. (I also love essential oils because my mom used to use it when I was young so that our body will not be drug dependent every time we don’t feel well. 😊)

3. Are you planning to expand it? Are you planning to have additional products aside from essential oils?

– Expanding is definitely in the picture, but right now, the therapeutic oils are so much in demand that I’d like to give as much time to it especially when I see the needs of my clientele for these blends to address as much discomfort as possible. I do have other products lined up in the future though that will still have essential oils in them. My Lash Hurrah is one example of a non-roller product. it’s base is castor oil and other nourishing oils and I add essential oils in it too that i know are good for the hair as well. (Lash Hurrah will be next on my list to try on… 😊)

4. What is your inspiration when you started this business?

– First and foremost, my inspiration is, and always will be, my family. I am always looking for natural organic products and a holistic approach to health and well-being. it’s so satisfying to see my son respond positively to the different oils and knowing there are other ways to improve health instead of having to give him medicine. I myself feel so much better with these oils and that’s what I wish for everyone else as well. (Family will always be 1st to everyone and I really love your will for this business because you also think for everyone’s benefits not just to earn. I can really say this a business with a purpose. 😊)

5. Are you open for resellers? Or distributors?

 – I am open to lots of possibilities it all depends on timing, the trends of the present day, and of course, the feasibility of anything presented to me will be an important factor too. (I super duper agree. 😊)

6.Any advice for those aspiring entrepreneurs who also want to put up a business.

– My advice to anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and start his/her own business is, first, you must wholeheartedly believe in your product, you will be your own walking advertisement and therefore, you must love the product you are sharing. Second, you need to invest time and effort to promote and put your product out there. Quality is important. no short cuts, no scrimping, only the best for your clients. Lastly, your business must spark joy in you. you should think it’s fun rather than work. always, always love what you do! (I agree on this! because like me, my passion is to write and to share and inspire people, since I love what I’m doing this it gives me a happy heart.)

I really appreciate that Ms. Bea shared these to us and I learned a lot, and now let us talk about the 2 products that she sent to me, so if you want to know more about it please keep on reading. 😊

Zing is a pick me-up when you need a boost of energy and may help with focus/memory. I really love this personally and I always have it with me at the office. Zing really relaxes me and it really helps me to focus at work because of its relaxing scent.

Stress Bomb is a grounding blend that may assist in relaxing frayed nerves and this essential oil is also good for kids. I also love this because I am sometimes stress due to work and also sometimes, I’m getting stressed to manage my busy schedule and with the help of this Stress Bomb essential oil, I feel more relaxed and I can sleep well at night. I also love the scent which is so relaxing and calming.

They are made of 100% pure essential therapeutic oils in a roller cute bottle. We should shake well first the oils before using and also, we need to always do a patch test first for any allergic reactions. The Zing can be applied on the temples, behind the ears and base of the skull while the Stress Bomb can be applied on the wrists, behind the ears, back of the neck and on the temples too. They are really handy that’s why I always bring it wherever I go.

I really love these essential oils and I can say it is really worth it to try. The Zing and Stress Bomb are really a must have on your pouches. I like the packaging because the 3ml I got are so handy and cute (they also have 5ml). I also love the scents of the essential oils because they are really relaxing, calming and gives relief especially at night (stress bomb). Lastly, I really love the owner’s intention when she started her business, Ms. Bea is really an entrepreneur who has a heart towards the benefits of her clients.

If you want to check about other Getrollinph products visit and follow them on their Instagram account (@getrollinph) and Facebook page (Get rollin’).

Please also follow me on my Instagram @little_ms_bratt and Facebook page littlemsbratt because I also have an ongoing Give Away Promo until November 25, 2018 so if you want to join, please check my social media accounts for the mechanics.

Disclaimer: I just want to share my honest review of this product. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep on mind that it might work okay or not for me but might work or not for you. I hope you find this review helpful since my reviews are 100% pure honesty.

How about you love? Have you tried essential oils already? What are your thoughts? Any recommendations or anything you like to share? Please don’t hesitate to comment down below and share this to your friends if you found it helpful. 😊

So that’s it!! Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading! 😊




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