Art of Busy: Beauty Vlogging 101

I wanted to share my Kipling experience last September 21, 2018. I am one of the lucky participants that was chosen to be part of the free workshop at Kipling’s store in Mall of Asia. The free workshop was about beauty vlogging 101 and guess what, the beauty vlogger who conducted the workshop is one of my favorite vloggers none other than Ms. Anna Cay. I am really her fan and I am so starstruck when I saw her. Hahaha

The host of the event was also one of my favorites, Ms. Janeena Chan. I really like her for being so jolly and friendly. She really boosts the good vibes on the events she’s hosting.

The workshop gave us idea about vlogging especially for those participants that are aspiring vloggers. Ms. Anna Cay advise that Beauty Vloggers are also called Beauty Gurus, Influencers and also Content Creator which she wants to be personally called.

She shared her life journey before she became so popular as a content creator. She shared to us her 1st vlog post and we laugh because she was so shy to reminisce it.

She shared to us the cameras and equipment’s that she used for vlogging. She advice to us that for starters it is not a necessity to have good camera and we can start to use what we already have, like our own smartphones. She advises us that the important is the uniqueness of the content regardless what camera we use.

She also shared to us her very own 3 Fundamentals in vlogging which are:

  1. Content
  2. Quality
  3. Personality


She explained to us that the content we should choose is really our passion, the goal as well is for us to give good quality videos to provide our viewers the best viewing experience and the most important is the personality because we should have to show our viewers the real us because this will make us unique as a content creator.

She also shared about he upcoming make-up line business that will be launch around November 2018 but this is just a tentative launching date. She advises that she will announce everything if it is finalized already. She also shares about her App so for those who haven’t download it yet it’s already available on App Store and Play Store.

I learned a lot of things about this workshop because maybe in the future I will also be starting my own Youtube Channel. Hahahah I also learn some tips that I can also apply for blogging.

I really want to thank Kipling Philippines for this wonderful event. I personally love their bags because it’s really durable and it has lots of compartments inside. I personally only have 1 Kipling Bag because we all know it’s quite pricey but its worth it because the quality is good and since I received a discount coupon from the event, I will be using it to purchase for my second bag! Yehey!

Thank you so much Kipling Philippines and Ms. Anna Cay for the wonderful workshop and thanks for the coin purse that you gave us as a token of appreciation. I really appreciate it! 😊


So that’s it! Thank you everyone for reading and I hope you learned what I learned from the workshop. I placed the links for you so you can follow them too and for you to check if they will have other upcoming free workshops as well.



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Anna Cay

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Love Lots!



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